Top 100 Alternative Energy Blogs

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Alternative energy, one of today’s hottest topics, encompasses all forms of energy not considered “traditional”. Solar, geothermal, wind, hydropower, and biofuel are some of the main forms. As the Earth begins to experience scarcity of fossil fuels such as oil and coal, alternative energy will become more and more important. Here are 100 of the top blogs that cover alternative energy on a daily basis.

  1. Green

    The New York Times blog covers science, business, public policy, and lifestyle issues from an environmental perspective. Alternative energy is one of the blog’s main topics.

  2. TreeHugger

    TreeHugger is one of the Web’s best known blogs for promoting environmental awareness. Read about alternative energy in the “Science and Technology” section.

  3. Environmental Leader

    Environmental Leader focuses on environmental and alternative energy news for businesses.

  4. Ecofriend

    Ecofriend covers environmentally friendly architecture, design, cars, gadgets, and technology with well-written blog entries.

  5. The Alternative Consumer

    The Alternative Consumer has been posting about fashion, green design, trends, health and beauty, and alternative energy since 2007.

  6. Inhabitat

    Inhabitat’s bloggers fervently believe that design should be “green” in order to be a good design. While the website features many different aspects of green design, they spend a lot of time on alternative energy products and technology.

  7. Alternative Energy Stocks

    This blog provides news and commentary about alternative energy investment opportunities.

  8. Oil Change

    Oil Change International promotes increased use of alternative energy, covering oil-related news and calling for anti-oil action in its blog.

  9. CleanTechies Blog

    The CleanTechies blog covers alternative energy, public policy, transportation, and design. The large roster of bloggers includes students, professors, and tech industry pros.

  10. Finance Trends Matter

    David Shvartsman’s blog covers the trends that shape the financial sector, including alternative energy.

  11. Blog

    EnergyRefuge is a blog devoted entirely to alternative energy in all of its forms.

  12. Consumer Energy Report

    Consumer Energy Report features energy news collected from around the web, with a tab dedicated to green and renewable energy.

  13. After Gutenberg

    After Gutenberg features commentary and news on alternative energy from a highly scientific perspective.

  14. Alternative Energy HQ

    Alternative Energy HQ has a lot of news and ideas for incorporating alternative energy and green living into your lifestyle, but very little in the way of punctuation.

  15. Green Living Ideas

    You can find tips and advice for living greener, along with alternative energy news and trends, on the Green Living Ideas site.

  16. The DOD Energy Blog

    Andy Bochman writes the Department of Defense Energy Blog, a page about the many energy challenges facing the 21st century American military. Alternative and renewable energy are topics of interest.

  17. “Green is Good”

    The “Green Is Good” blog discusses business, public policy, politics, and technology related to alternative energy in America.

  18. Alternative Energy, Alternative Fuels

    This blog combines news about luxury trends with alternative energy information.

  19. Renewable Energy Sources

    This blog contains research, alternative energy news and reviews on the latest renewable energy equipment.

  20. Alternative Energy News

    Alternative Energy News combines alternative energy press releases from around the world into one source.

  21. Des Moines Register

    The Des Moines Register’s “Green Fields” blog focuses on the world of agriculture and how it intersects with environmentalism and alternative energy.

  22. is a blog that puts the spotlight on “green” jobs, alternative energy news, and environmentally friendly products.

  23. Carbon Offsets Daily

    At Carbon Offsets Daily, you can find all the day’s news related to carbon trading, carbon offsets, and products considered carbon neutral.

  24. A Green Zone

    A Green Zone brings together alternative energy posts and discussions from around the globe.

  25. Solar Feeds

    Solar Feeds provides continuously updated news items and discussions about solar energy.

  26. Energy Business Daily

    Energy Business Daily is an alternative energy-focused energy blog geared toward the energy industry professional. In addition to the news featured on the site, you can read job listings as well.

  27. Soundcentury

    Soundcentury combines news and reviews of independent music with posts and links about alternative energy.

  28. WattHead

    Watthead delivers more than feeds of other people’s alternative energy stories. Here, get original commentary and analysis on the day’s alternative energy news.

  29. Biofuel Blog War

    Biofuel Blog War delivers biofuel content gathered from around the web for your daily reading. Biofuels covered include biodiesel and ethanol.


    “One Alternative Energy Blog” was begun in 2006. Though simply formatted, the blog does contain original postings and links to many sites of interest.

  31. The X-Journals

    The X-Journals spotlights breakthrough and unconventional technologies, especially those which may better the environment.

  32. NaturalBuy

    A blog that discusses organic products, an environmentally friendly lifestyle, and developments in alternative energy.

  33. Our Beloved Earth

    Our Beloved Earth offers tips and advice about living an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Nutrition, alternative energy, and politics are just a few of the topics.

  34. Wind Energy Planning

    Wind Energy Planning is written to serve the community of wind energy professionals, combining the latest news with case studies and opinions.

  35. Permaculture Research Institute

    The Permaculture Research Institute’s goal is to promote the ideals of permaculture—creating a sustainable ecosystem by working with nature, rather than against it.

  36. Renewable Energy Stocks

    Here you can find news and resources related to alternative energy stocks. The blog mainly consists of press releases, but there are helpful links to alternative energy stock directories also.

  37. Lighter Footstep

    Lighter Footstep has been blogging about a “practical green” lifestyle since 2007. Articles cover alternative energy, transportation, gardening, and other topics.

  38. Future Energy Events

    Future Energy Events is a blog produced by the Center for Management Technology, a leading organizer of energy conferences around the world. Upcoming events focus on biomass pellets, jatropha, and algae fuels.

  39. EcoGeek

    EcoGeek explores new developments in technology that make life easier and “greener”.

  40. Alternative Fuels

    The Alternative Fuels blog is committed to providing timely information on biofuels, solar power, and wind energy.


    The interesting and useful gadgets featured on EnviroGadget often have alternative energy as a power source. For example, many of them use solar power.

  42. 3BL Media’s Blog

    This blog is written by a combination of different experts in the fields of corporate responsibility, environmental consciousness, and green marketing.

  43. Pays to Live Green

    Pays to Live Green explores the relationship between living greener and living more frugally. They contend that you don’t have to spend more money to be environmentally conscious.

  44. AutoBlogGreen

    This subsidiary of Autoblog is devoted entirely to everything that has to do with “greener” cars. Alternative energy is explored as it related to alternative fuels.

  45. Grist

    Grist magazine’s blog combines news about the environment with opinion pieces and advice on living a greener lifestyle.

  46. CCAN Blog

    The Chesapeake Climate Action Network supports use of alternative energy in its blog, which calls for “wind, not oil”.

  47. Mindzle

    This frequently updated blog features articles covering alternative energy sources, opinion pieces, and lifestyle advice.

  48. Biodiesel and Ethanol Investing

    This page compiles news and stock information related to the world of biofuels.

  49. Green Living

    Marc Lallanilla’s green living blog on includes advice on ways to increase your personal consumption of alternative energy.

  50. Eartheasy Blog

    Eartheasy’s Science and Transportation blog examines alternative energy issues and provides expert opinions from around the world.

  51. Cascadia Prospectus

    The mission of the Cascadia Prospectus blog is to provide the Cascadia region with information on the future in regards to area planning, energy use, and sustainability.

  52. Enviroblog

    Enviroblog helps people make the connection between environmental awareness and public health. Since many toxic chemicals are derived from fossil fuels, this is a pro-alternative energy blog also.

  53. Celsias

    Celsias hosts forum discussions on its website as well as provides original blog posts from a team of experts. The focus is to help people take practical steps to fight global climate change.

  54. EcoStreet

    EcoStreet combines blog posts about environmental protest marches with lifestyle advice and product reviews. They also host a directory for eco-friendly websites.

  55. Ecomoto

    Ecomoto’s staff of bloggers stays on top of all the latest green trends, including hybrid and electric cars.

  56. Environmental Graffiti

    This interesting site allows anyone registered in their community to post stories about the environment or alternative energy.

  57. contains original content, some of it extremely helpful when it comes to installing solar energy in your own home.

  58. Greenconomist

    Greenconomist covers everything related to alternative energy as it intersects with business: trends, marketing, technology, finance, and public policy.

  59. Miomarmo

    Miomarmo’s blog includes a fascinating journal of life in a house “off the grid”. Using alternative energy sources, the author is successfully powering his new home.

  60. Renewable Energy In The US At 5:39 A.M.

    Sebastian Goeres, an alternative energy consultant, writes this thoughtful blog in the wee hours of the morning each day.

  61. The Daily Green

    Calling itself a guide to the “green revolution,” The Daily Green’s website includes a blog all about green transportation and alternative energy.

  62. Triple Pundit

    Triple Pundit offers news and commentary through a unique lens. They believe that success should be measured by a company’s economic, ecological, and social impact.

  63. Green American Road Trip

    Follow a University of Texas student as she drives from Austin to Boston in a natural gas-powered car.

  64. ShortSharpScience

    ShortSharpScience is a blog produced by NewScientist, which includes news and opinion about alternative energy in addition to other important science topics.


    Combining original commentary about alternative energy, design, environmental awareness, and green living, has a growing roster of bloggers.

  66. Green Car Congress

    Green Car Congress provides auto industry perspectives on environmental policy, technology, and trends.

  67. CleanTechnica

    CleanTechnica is an alternative energy blog that has been providing news and updates about emerging energy technology since February 2008.

  68. Urban Energy

    This blog from a UK-based solar engineering firm provides technical insight not normally found in the blogosphere.

  69. Environment Texas

    Environment Texas is a group that is dedicated to promoting alternative energy and saving environmental resources within the state of Texas.

  70. WebEcoist

    WebEcoist’s blog covers many different environmental topics, but the Energy and Fuel category is a rich source of posts on alternative energy.

  71. green econometrics

    Michael S. Davies is a financial analyst who researches and writes this excellent blog on the economic implications of alternative energy.

  72. SolReka

    SolReka combines alternative energy coverage with conspiracy theories and speculation about the coming end of the world in 2012.

  73. Practical Environmentalist

    Practical Environmentalist provides lists of simple ways that people can contribute to the environment, including increased use of alternative energy.

  74. Oilgae

    Oilgae presents the latest news, research, and white papers about the growing world of algae fuels.

  75. Green Nation Today

    Green Nation Today is a new blog featuring information on affordable solar energy.

  76. Global Patriot

    What does global patriotism mean? It means making issues that affect the whole planet a priority, such as poverty, alternative energy, and climate change.

  77. Solar Sphere

    Solar Sphere has educational posts about installing your own solar energy system as well as news articles.

  78. Mendo Coast Current

    The Mendo Coast Current blog is an unusual combination of entries about the Kent State massacre of 1970 and alternative energy commentary.

  79. Solar Power Updates & News

    At Solar Power Updates and News, the bloggers are committed to helping people get the most out of solar energy incentives. In addition, they have written several educational articles about the latest in solar technology.

  80. Sun Volt Solar Blog

    The experts at Sun Volt Solar have been offering technical advice and solar energy news since 2007 on their blog.

  81. Mother Nature Network: Green Tech

    Karl Burkart blogs about the newest developments in green technology and alternative energy in the Mother Nature Network.


    Black Bear Speaks reports on environmental news of note (including alternative energy topics) in the Great Lakes region.

  83. My Green Wheels

    Electric cars rule at My Green Wheels, a British blog dedicated to reviewing all the latest electric car models.

  84. Green Tech Gazette

    The Green Tech Gazette features original posts about technological advances in alternative energy, as well as product reviews and news from around the world.

  85. Off-Grid Living With Solar, Wind, and Geothermal

    This blog provides product reviews and news related to the things you would need to live completely off the grid.

  86. Biomass Connections

    Biomass fuel refers to any natural product such as switchgrass, sugar cane, barley, or corn stover. Biomass Connections is a site that aims to be a resource for farmers and other agricultural professionals as they begin growing biomass crops.

  87. World Changing

    World Changing’s team of correspondents writes insightful opinion pieces and analysis on the latest developments in alternative energy.

  88. Energy Conscious Consultant

    Learn how to create your own alternative energy projects at home with Robert Farbe’s practical blog.

  89. Green In Harlem

    Green In Harlem is the account of one family’s attempt to renovate a historical home in Harlem, using green materials. Alternative energy is just one of the tools they are using.

  90. John Howley’s Green Energy

    John Howley has been writing his opinions on alternative energy and spotlighting unique alternative energy projects since 2008.

  91. Alt Dot Energy

    Alt Dot Energy features content covering five main renewable energy areas: green design, biofuels, hydropower, wind energy, and solar power.

  92. The Oil Drum

    At The Oil Drum, experts discuss the future in a world where oil will be increasingly scarce. Alternative energy is explored as one of the possible solutions.

  93. 21st Century Power

    1st Century Power offers perspective and news on the development of alternative energy in China and India.

  94. Neutral Existence

    Neutral Existence provides practical strategies for living a carbon-neutral lifestyle, including the consumption of renewable energy from alternative sources.

  95. Gas 2.0

    If you’re interested in alternative fuels and the vehicles that use them, Gas 2.0 has something for you.

  96. Ecopolitology

    At Ecopolitology, founded by Timothy B. Hurst in 2007, you can read news stories and opinion on the way politics affects energy policy in America.

  97. EcoRenovator

    EcoRenovator’s blog posts focus on helping more people use alternative energy in their own homes. Solar and wind power are popular topics.

  98. Environmental News Network

    The Energy section of the Environmental News Network covers the latest developments in the fossil fuel crisis and new alternative energy technology.

  99. The Energy Source

    The Energy Source on covers electricity, gas, nuclear, oil, and alternative energy from a business standpoint.

  100. The Vine

    Bradford Plumer writes The Vine, a blog with opinions about politics and environmentalism, for The New Republic.